Planting The Seed

  Why when we are on track, people criticize us like we were doing something wrong? Why every time we make a sacrifice, one hurts more than the other? Why when we are sacrificing, is fasting, is rising at dawn to pray, there’s always someone who is criticizing? Because we are pleasing God and displeasing to the devil. Evil always use someone who is close to attack us and try to harm us. Use people close both at home and in church or at work. When we are baptized with the Holy Spirit, we must kill our meat every day and that’s a sacrifice. When we have a goal, and we where to have the answer, has no evil rises. Try any doubt, discouragement, in short, a lot of things to try to stop us.
   If you are firm in their purpose and are suffering persecution, being humiliated in your house or your church, do not be discouraged, keep steadfast in its purpose because it only happens to those who were chosen by God to glorify his name. If you are going through this, pray, talk to God and let others think what they want because God is with you. This is Servor God. Those who are being persecuted and humiliated because of their faith in the Lord Jesus, are having some notion of what the Lord Jesus was on the way to Calvary. Therefore He says: And that does not take his cross and come after me, can not be my discípulo.Lc 14:27.
   So we see that many are called but few chosen. Not everyone wants or can carry his cross because he feels sorry for themselves. As if God says that I’m going with you! That is what we have to drive.

   Let faith.

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Surrender to the Lord.

For thou hast broken the yoke upon them, stick them hurt your shoulders, the scepter of his oppressor, as in the days of Midian, Isaiah 9:4.

   Trust in the Lord is the path to the doors to open. Trusting in God is believing that everything that hindered their spiritual growth, came by land and you’ve won. Trusting in God is to deliver his entire life and live only in dependence on Him. Many think, depend on God as well?

   Many women live in dependence on their husbands, boyfriends, lovers at last, and most do not complain. A few who do not like also do nothing to change the situation. When you hear the word or when they receive an invitation to change their lives, go to church but do not surrender to the Lord Jesus. Why? Simple: many prefer to give their lives to whom they know than surrender to those who do not know.

   But you must know before, some say. But God is not so. You must trust in God. Why can some trust and then precebem transformation within himself and not others? Distrust. Distrust that God can transform their lives. Even with evidence, even with their own neighbors witnessing the transformation, yet do not want to drop the wrong life, knowing what is wrong. That phrase ‘Brazilian way’ is a phrase that hinder Christian growth.

    Many rely on it thinking that the arm strength will change the situation. This is wrong. With God, we struggle every day and we won without him fight, win and not die without salvation. The Lord does not like that. He wants to make a change in your life because He sees what you’re going through. The only one who can change that is yourself.

   When we ask the Lord for help, He speaks to us directly or indirectly. In a direct speech dirt with you and indirectly, he uses someone to talk to you, either on radio or on television or in pamphlets. He wants to show that He is with you and change not only your life but you also. Let Him take action, handed to the Lord and for sure, He will deliver you from the yoke of the oppressor.

   Stay strong with God.

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Sementes da Fé.

Nos braços do Pai eu vou repousar
E crer nas promessas de Deus para mim
E com oração eu irei plantar sementes da fe
E o meu louvor sera como adubo
Fara com que os frutos comecem crescer
E as minhas lagrimas serão pra regar sementes da fe

Se tentaram apagar tudo aquilo que Deus prometeu
E feridas se formaram sobre ti
Saiba que Deus de ti não esqueceu
Ele atende o teu pedido
Voce plantou e um novo tempo a ti chegou (2x)


Pode adorar e exaltar ao Rei dos Reis
Porque hoje Ele traz a voce
Traz a cura, traz avivamento, traz solução
Tudo o que pediu e esperou, receba agora em tuas mãos
Pode colher que os frutos da fé agora brotaram (2x)

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My Friend.

Be strong and courageous, be not afraid nor dismayed for the king of Assyria, nor for all the multitude that is with him, because A is Greater than us what is with him. 2 Chronicles 32:7.

   When it is God’s Son, born of God and is in constant union with the One who gave you new life, there is no storm, no enemy, no camera, nothing can stop you. However great the enemy apparently is, no one can stop you. There is nothing better than to trust in God and make Him your friend.

   God is with those who are sincere and pure in heart. as you learn to use their faith, the more God will shape you. When God calls us to serve Him is because He knows that we are able to do His will. He probes our hearts and knows who serves in the flesh and who serves in spirit and in truth.

   Those who serve in the meat, use the emotional faith, hope someone will please you but i can give back to the emotion the favor done, or expects to be able to give, and it certainly does not please God, it is written and give you will be given. Whoever does the will of God in the flesh can not withstand the first storm. And when they resist, they do everything to not enter the wilderness. As one born of the flesh can win in the desert if your faith is not founded on the Rock? Simple. Either he is in the desert to die without seeing the promises of God, or give up halfway.

   Those born of God, have faith and use the supernatural. Even still not seeing the answer, live as if she already had in hand. Believe they know to see, know how to give without the intention of receiving anything in return. Do the will of God for love Him who gave it new life. Servants are able to make a difference. Able to wait on God His blessings that comes in His own time.

   Born of God has no fear, no anxiety and tribulations when it comes to remain firm because the Lord is He who gives that absolute certainty that in Christ we are more than conquerors. Think about it.

   Stay strong with God.

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He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Psalm 23:3.

   When we hear people who have more life experience, we always learn something. When you’re young and inexperienced, it’s terrible because we do not know what to say, how we behave, how to act, in short, is the first day of work, first day at the home of a relative, first day in the Work of God, first child, finally. We always have to rely on those who help us. Not everyone has that patience.

   What to do? Hope someone has the goodwill to help us. In comes our patience. The person does not know you, as she will have good will you? Depending on the location you are is the first time, there is always someone willing to help you. It was so with me in my first job. But in addition to entering the wait also enters the patience and perseverance. But above all it is the Lord Jesus.

   Those born of God are able to persevere, to struggle, to transform their lives through the power that comes from the Holy Spirit. It is he who gives us strength, gives us wisdom, encourages us when we are wrong. And puts people in our lives to help us. If the wrong places for people to mess up our faith, God sends people who can help us and some even become our friends and others have their lives changed because of the God we serve.

   When we make the Lord our Shepherd, He would provide our help and people who are using Him to help us. But he also speaks to us and even when speech is audible and strong, thank God for that! Many want to have that privilege and wonder how to hear God? Easy. Open your heart, in your prayers He speaks the truth, be sincere with God. God is pleased the sincerity of our heart.

   To hear him just let him talk, he is always on our side, God is always with us. As much as against the situation is, do not look with eyes of flesh, look with spiritual eyes. Good eye pleasing to God. Even if no one accepted, God accepts you, loves you and is with you to transform you, to mature you. Spiritually mature is it, recognize what needs to be shaped by God. The work that God has to do in your life is just beginning.

   Enjoy and invest more in their relationship with God. Let Him work in your life. The great thing that he wants to put in their hands, but you have to be prepared. He let you prepare. Nobody can take away what God gave you is yours. Believe in yourself because God believes in you. So much that you chose to glorify His Name.

   Stay strong with God.

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Clean Heart.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8.

If most knew, how good you have nothing to condemn, even if nobody believes in you, the most important is that God believes in you. Having the mind and heart clean. That just shows what you are doing is pleasing God and that their intent is true with God. And he probes our hearts and knows us and knows that we are able to do His will.

Who has the heart free of resentment, sorrow, who does not have any bad feeling in your heart, sleep well, live well himself. When God says we must always be a child in His eyes, that is. The child is pure, has no malice. and so we must always be pure. Today I heard a message that is very important to me: Look favorably upon and trust in God alone.

If nobody is on your side, if everyone stopped talking to you, if you find yourself in the wilderness, give thanks to God and look to welcome everyone, regardless who they are. So you keep your salvation, your heart clean, and pleases God.

Do not worry if you apparently stands alone in the wilderness, the most important is that God is with you in the desert. There are times we need to be alone, then that alone is that we get close to God and cause you to trust Him. Many people around, we could not hear the Voice of God. When the prosecutor, he lets himself think. God is always on our side. We have to hear Him more, we have to give more to God.

Stay with a clean heart, God is with you.

Stay strong with God.

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Who has ears, hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches: The winner, to give you what to eat of the tree of life that is in the paradise of God. Revelation 2:7.

   Many complain about the hardships and struggles that go while they are in the world. Christians are in the world but not of the world. Pay the bills, feed and have their moments of leisure, but being a person born of God, should not everything. Before knowing the Lord Jesus had many lovers, were addicts, had hatred for someone, finally. Today, freed and a new creature, dropped all that displeased God.

   Still, after meeting the Lord Jesus, keep fighting, but now is to keep our salvation. The struggle is daily and constant. Many give up on the way to keep fighting, but why? Those who drop out, they had the meeting with God. Were in the Presence of God by emotion and unfortunately, many within the Church, still live by emotion.

   Saul was God’s chosen, he would take Israel to the Lord, but by vanity and pride, not waited for the prophet Samuel, who was sent from God to give victory to Saul. before Samuel arrived, Saul’s self-sacrifice for the Lord. Samuel felt sorry for him, and God commanded Saul to take away and choose who he would choose to do what Saul would no longer do.

   Samuel had pity and fear of Saul. God saw this and said to Samuel, How long wilt thou mourn for Saul, seeing I rejected, not to reign over Israel? See how sad it is to disobey God’s orders. And by the rebellion, Saul no longer had the Spirit of the Lord, but the evil spirit tormented him. Every time David played the harp, the evil spirit of Saul’s skirt. Saul has reached a point that almost killed his son because he was friends with David.

   Saul died without a head. envy, anger, hatred of Saul began when he disobeyed God. And those are not the Sauls today? Who are the Davids of today? Many. Each, every Christian, which is like a David and spends a great fight against those who have the evil spirit of Saul, do not give up and pray for those who persecute you, that before long, that God is the God of Israel, because you gave the victory on behalf of the Lord Jesus.

   We are the Lord, we are washed and cleansed with the blood of Jesus because we accept Him as our only Lord and Savior. Those who lost that vision and pursue those who are of God, may the Lord have mercy on his soul. There is still a chance to return to the First Love. For those who have lost sight of God, repent from their wicked ways, before you reject the Lord, do not allow it. Turn to the Lord, He will wait.

   Stay strong with God.

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Why Wait?

Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you, and whether it has to sympathize with you because the Lord is God of justice, Blessed are all who wait for him. Isaiah 30:18.

  When we speak we have to wait, many are staring off, they are thinking: wait, but as if I’m going through, I can not wait? We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28.

   Waiting on the Lord, is to kneel down and cry, you make the Lord your refuge Single. The attitude of exposing their problems to God makes him do a miracle in your life. Desperate measures, make you rush and only worsen their problems. Therefore, it is best to wait.

   Waiting does not mean do nothing. On the contrary! Waiting is pray to the Lord, urging him in prayer, to persevere in prayer, crying out and always look to God that the problem is resolved. This is trusting God, and the Lord is pleased that, and makes something unexpected happens, at the same time He will give you the answer.

   All that the Lord wants is his confidence. Trust God. Let Him work in your life. God loves you and wants your good. He does not want to see you suffer. Think about it.

   Stay strong with God.

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The Brigedroom.

Previously, emptied Himself, taking the form of a servant, becoming in the likeness of men: And being found in the human figure, himself humbled himself, becoming obedient unto death, death on the cross. Philippians 2:7,8.

The Lord Jesus walked with his people, healed, set free and taught. None of those who went with him to accept His Word and His Power, only the Twelve Disciples. When out of his land, and arrived in Galilee, was accepted because they knew the miracles that the Lord Jesus was doing. Why did the Lord Jesus was not accepted by his people? By who challenged while he healed? He, as Son of God, had to go through all that he passed. The Lord Jesus was called to be our Saviour and deliverer. And whosoever believeth in Him shall be saved.

Jesus was humiliated, it was accepted by the people, died on the cross for those who love The Single accepted as Lord and Savior. He died in the flesh, but lives in us through the Holy Spirit. And who has the Holy Spirit are those who accept and recognize as the Son of God.

If you analyze your sacrifice, we realize that He emptied himself. The rejection, contempt, humiliation on the cross was to die for the meat and be full of the Holy Spirit. All that the Lord Jesus came, was in the flesh, the flesh has to die to do the will of God.

This is to have wisdom and be focused on a goal: To obey God, ‘because he has sent the Lord Jesus, for the sake of all who accept it as One Lord and walk in His paths. Seeing the story of Jesus without the spiritual vision, it seems more a story of the past, but for those of faith who has a spiritual vision, is an example to be followed.

To bear reproach for the Lord, the flesh to die for love of the Lord, doing His will for love of the Lord, this is worthy of entering the Kingdom of Heaven. Many have had the privilege to walk with the Lord Jesus and few heard him and practiced his teachings. Your people, the past, rejected Him. Today we are privileged to have the Lord Jesus in us through the Holy Spirit.

The Lord Jesus went through everything for the coming of the Comforter. AND Comforter is with us today until the return of the Lord Jesus. Yes yes, that He will come back and take with those who endured it all for love of Him That’s wonderful, so do not worry if you are rejected. The Lord Jesus Himself was rejected too. If this happened to him, let alone us, His children. Hallelujah!

If everyone knew how wonderful God is, do not lose your time looking for flaws in each other, not judge each other and yes, always look for before the Lord through prayer and fasting. There are times I prefer to be fasting than reading newscasts, watch tv, because then I’m more close to my Lord, and there is nothing better than looking always be in contact with God. Of course the fast varies with each. Can be of three hours for the beginner and hors increase gradually.

The Sons of God are not the world, so the rejection. We live here, but we’re not here. Thank God. ‘They are not of the world, but I’m not. “John 17:16.

Stay strong with God.

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Being a brave

 Every year is the same thing. After fulfilling the will of the flesh, repent of having given vent to the flesh. But this is not repentance is remorse. So much so that the next year do the same thing. Or if you truly repent or die without salvation. This is not the disbelievers are those who are 10, 20 or 30 years in church and still, unfortunately, not born of God. Every fourth Sunday and hear what the man of God preaches the altar, but do not take the attitude of leaving the old self, to sacrifice his own flesh. Life with God is made sacrifices. “… If anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” Mark 8:34.

   Why do people who are long in the church have not been born of God? Why do not want to do the will of God. when you pray for financial life, the release of a loved one, for health, love life are common, purpose, prayer finally know it has to draw the attention of God. But when it’s own salvation, Busaco God, to have an encounter with God, born of God, do not the chains, do not pray, do not prpósitos even reading the Bible, even though we have to fast at last. They want to call God’s attention to material life but for the spiritual life.

   I like different types of people. There are those who want to solve their physical problems, but they know that that’s not enough to be happy. the biggest problem is in the soul. They remain because they were already at rock bottom. They decided to surrender to the Lord Jesus, have been released, born of God and now are the Work of God winning souls for the Lord Jesus. There are those who come to church, does the water for a problem that is going through, God answers, get the cure, the miracle finally expresses the faith and is served and not returned. Later appears because it is already with another problem but the biggest problem is her spiritual and you know it, but prefers to continue the same way than to please God. Has to get others in chains, but do not want to come back at all.

   “The seed is the word … as they hear, Satan comes immediately and takes away the word sown in them … are sown on stony ground, hear the word, immediately receive it with joy … but then comes the anguish and persecution, immediately they are offended … are sown among thorns are those who hear the Word, and the cares of the world … choke the word, being unsuccessful. semeam Those on good ground are those who hear the Word and receive the fruiting thirty sixty and a hundredfold. ” Mark 4:10-20. We must be strong and courageous, always feeding us the Word of God. So many are called but few chosen.

   The mair treasure that we have is our salvation. And we have to keep it. But how? Killing a lion a day. You who are saved, should take care to keep up and you still searching, stay firm and not deviate.

   Stay with God.

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Why the desert?

All the times you want something important, something that will make a difference in our lives, always have something happen to try to put us down. This is because we stand with God, we make our votes, we fulfill them and when completed, is holy fire or some other purpose strong, everything happens. Some people think: Why did this happen? What did I do wrong? It’s simple, you just enter the wilderness to be shaped by the Lord! We ask the family, for health, life, in short, every one knows your needs. And it happens. God is already answering you. God works that way. Every time you go to the desert, you pray more, fast more, have more time to read the Word of God, you turn over to the Lord. It has that kind of person making the request, go to the desert but he mumbles. These people were not born of God and want to be blessed. But how to ask a blessing if you’re not prepared for it? So the fire. The more we used, the more pruning to God that we will produce more fruit.

   Those born of God accept, but prefer Convinced murmur. It is a pity. They do not know what the’re missing. I prefer to be shaped by God to stay with the scoffers. The best thing that happens to us after salvation, is the evidence of fire. I went through a lot, I’m going through one now and I know that many still pass by, after all I am born of God. It is important to remember that all we ask, God knows our needs and so we have to cast Him to have structure to receive what ask.O easy come, we do not value. God knows us. It is therefore very important to be always in communion with God.

   If you are passing through the desert at this time, do not despair. God heard your prayer and seen your tears. He even promises to wipe away our tears. What we have to do is trust, even our physical eyes not seeing, but spiritual eyes see. Trust in the Lord. We have to have is trust, faith that we have received what we ask.

  Stay with God.

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   We always have to humble ourselves before the Lord for the remission of our sins, and trials they went through. Whether at home, at work or even within our power Igreja.Quando just use our faith. It is very important, you have to do that. All that sometimes unjustly accuse us every time they say false things about us, whenever we find ourselves in situations where we can find a way, it is necessary that we go to the God of Israel from crying, crying, cloth bag, as the book of Joel. Much of my spiritual growth was through this book. All adverse situations that have come and appear, I turn to the Lord of hosts as Hezekiah did, and as written in the Word of God in the book of Joel.

   We must always meditate on His Word of wisdom and direction we have to do the right thing. In times of tribulation, persecution, injustice, we must put ourselves in a situation of humiliation before the Lord and not problems. It is God who enables us, is he who comforts us is that He loves us and helps us in difficult times for us from the moment you step in their direction. This step is very important because it shows that in the first place in our lives that we love and want to please God forever. Thus, we get the answer from God.

   If we want the blessings of the spiritual life, family life, health, finally, the best you can do is accept the Lord Jesus and the sack dress, standing before the Lord with weeping and wailing and talking all that God is upset. Why talk to each other and only those who are waiting to hear, and his answer is the Lord Jesus? Open your heart only to him and nobody else and wait, of course, will answer it.

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   Taking the time to humble ourselves before God, to be matched in our prayers, we also have to have the courage to do the will of God. We put on his knees before the Lord is an act of courage because we are surrendering to God, we are showing to the Lord that we prescisa Him and that no one is able to help us unless the Lord Jesus.

   And after we do our part, God will surely do His part. The important thing is take the first step. Recognizing that without Him we are nothing. We undressed in our pride and come before the throne of God with supplication, weeping and tearing our clothes so that the Lord will listen and respond.

   It is as it is written:”Be strong and courageous, because you will this people to inherit the land, under oath, to give unto their fathers”Joshua 1:6.
Who knows whether at home, at work or even in your community or in your neighborhood, you are who God is calling to be His chosen to make a difference? If you grab the opportunity and change the situation that bothers you the most. Make fast, pray in the morning, drawing attention to God and He will certainly transform your problem into a blessing.

        Think about it.

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Meeting of Workers Singles.

Fotos p Sergio


Life is about choices. In which you rely to make their decisions? It was with this theme that the bishop Sergio Correa held the first meeting with unmarried workers in 2014. The bishop made an analogy between the most important life choices with scenes from the movie City of Angels, where the character of Nicolas Cage is a angel who falls in love with a Los Angeles doctor. In the film, the celestial being after falling in love, choose to stop being immortal to become a human, but has his plans frustrated when your loved one dies in the film. He did not measure the consequences of a fundamental choice for your life. Bishop Sergio Correa said many base their choices in ways that are not the main, the most important. In the case of sentimental life, many workers are single for creating parameters for your choices, especially the physical appearance, not that this is not important, but it is not the most important. The character and faith must come first.

To illustrate the situation the bishop Gilmar Roses, married to Carmen D. Veronica told how was the beginning of their relationship. She did not accept three times dating him. When he first arrived in Carmen, she was already working-. On the third try, he won the support of a working-it was her friend and stressed that she should give it a chance. In this attempt, her friend confirmed the character of Gilmar and asked the friend of that opportunity. That’s when Carmen budging. The beginning of the relationship was complicated, since she did not like to hold in your hand boyfriend, or accept him to kiss her. There were numerous times in an attempt to go hand in hand with his girlfriend, she screamed Let go of my hand.” The fact dating only hitched when the working-accepted her boyfriend by her man of character of God. Today, after years of marriage Bishop Gilmar encouraged the workers to stop looking for the appearance and look at the character, faith and the conduct of every person. Bishop Sergio Correa also led to the altar testimonials worker who arrived to marry the workers, but today they are separated. In each testimony was clear the error privilege appearance when choosing whom to marry. The character has to prevail over the appearance, said the bishop.

Celia David is 46 years old, is a teacher and master in Literature and linguistics. She’s working-2 years at Universal Uberlândia MG. “The most special moment of the meeting was when Bishop Sergio taught the purpose of putting the person’s name in the oil and pray for seven days at midnight,” said Celia mining. For the São Paulo Eduardo Vasconcellos logistics analyst and worker in Guaruja Universal meeting of the lesson is to look at the content and not only the label, packaging. The character and the spirit of the person should be the first to be observed and more valued.

Any choice in life should be primarily based on the will of God. It is he who knows the best for your life. Present his case before God and put forward your battle. Hear the voice of the heart, and see with our physical eyes, but with spiritual eyes. In this way, you will be blessed!


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The Lord is with me, not fear that I can make the man? Psalms 118:6.

When we who have to do something, give is a word for someone who needs it, donate clothes, apologize to someone, go talk to your boss to ask for a raise or job, finally, above all, we to ask for God’s guidance it is done in His Will and not ours.

The man who usually asks the girl’s hand in marriage by her father, is awesome, so are those who bend their knees and cry to the Lord and it should all be coming home to God. The Church of Jesus is made to order and discipline. Preach the Word is, there is talk about how people can achieve through the blessings of faith in the Lord Jesus, it takes people to learn what is tithe and offerings moves on purpose, after all, what can not be arriving late at the meeting, it is lack of respect for the Lord, leave wireless on and playing music dutante preaching, is lack of respect for the Lord Jesus and who is watching the meeting.

The fear of God is made of discipline, education and respect for God and neighbor. There are people who simply do not know what discipline but most know what it is about. Such is life in every way. If you want your husband to respect, respect yourself first, if you want your wife to respect him, respect themselves first and their children, the same thing.

Born of God is not easy, requires an effort of our will not to do more things that are displeasing to God. Be born of God takes courage, discipline and persistence.

Stay strong with God.

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